Taking our inspiration from deep in the American South and bringing it to the Cypriot capital, Smokey Dee’s is serving up Texas Style BBQ and we don’t hold back. The rubs are original #PorkMafia™ (courtesy of pitmaster Phil Wingo), the brisket and ribs are from the best beef on the market (trust us, we did a lot of research eating), the pork and chicken are locally sourced and farm-raised. The wood in our smoker is carob or lemon, which make for fruity flavours that infuse deliciously into the meats. Did we mention we make our own handmade sausages from scratch? (And the sauces, sides and pickles!)


Smokey Dee’s started off with a dinky little smoker and a few pork ribs just for fun. Countless dinners with guinea pigs, ahem, we mean friends, helped us figure out what worked and what didn’t. Which cuts were crowd pleasers, the best combo of sides/sauces, and what to feed the vegetarians (yes, we cater to them too). And what started as a hobby has grown into our passion, and our business. We take our BBQ seriously – a bit too seriously. We’ve served at everything from huge music festivals to intimate dinner parties. Our Smokey Dee’s stand has popped up at the hottest downtown cocktail bars, and on the water’s edge at surfing beaches in the middle of nowhere. We’ve catered corporate lunches and family get-togethers. We’ve travelled the length and breadth of the island with our Smokey Dee delights.

Now comes the exciting and daunting next step for us – a permanent Smokey Dee’s space in Nicosia. Our new facilities in Kaimakli are going to give us the freedom to explore and develop new and even more outrageous recipes, cater even more events and continue to evolve as badass BBQ-ers. Most importantly we’ll be open twice a week to fulfil your Smokey Dee cravings!



Pitmaster / Owner

Sure he’s an Anglo-Cypriot hybrid with red hair, but that hasn’t stopped him from making the best damn smoked BBQ on the island! Why? No one knows, but he’s travelled and researched the subject enough to make him an expert and he can’t get enough of it.


Original Guinea Pig / Best Friend / Social Media Fixer

Unfortunately a recent turn to the evils of vegetarianism has rendered her useless to us, but we keep her around anyway.

All photography provided by Damian Photography

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